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Our Classes

Modern Dancer

Dance Classes

Can register for classes. We offer salsa, hip-hop, ballet, strength dancing(praise &worship), and African dancing. 

Country Music Artist

Singing Classes

Register to sing and collaborate with musicians on the perfect song. Learn how to transition from notes, know what what singing category fits the best, reading music, and etc.

Red Chairs


This is where we put the singing, music, and dancing together and perform. The plays are  real stories that will bring awareness of the topic that is being performed.

Our Studio


          This studio is design for individuals to transform your mind and body through creativity. In believe there is no limits and anything is possible if you believe. Individuals will be able to learn different types of dances, singing, collaborating with musicians, and performances to bring awareness to the world. The performances will bring out stories that need to be told and by people who have went though tragic events. 

           Believe Performing Arts prays that each individual that comes to believe, becomes more confident and motivated to believe in themselves.

Thank you and God bless,


Alexandria Bilikha

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